Aiivon Training Courses
This course is a minimum of 6 months training leading to the software development expert certificate. It is designed for people who are serious about pursuing a career in software development across several platforms and technologies. The training is designed in terms of a taught internship to ensure that the concepts learnt are put into production environment and help to garner confidence for the students. Areas covered will include:

This looks at creating web sites and applications. You will learn how to design next generation responsive websites using
HTML5/CSS3 SASS/LESS and JavaScript
Design interactive web applications using
PHP and frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Slim etc
You will learn how to design cross-platform enterprise applications for desktop and web using JAVA and .NET
You will learn native app development for iOS and Android also you will learn to develop hybrid apps by using Frameworks such as React, Node, Angular, etc
You will learn how to design for web and web related projects using select adobe design suit products such as Photoshop and InDesign
General Principles of software design
This teaches the soft skills you need for software design and development. Such as software development methods, principles of software development, tools and best practices. Also included is database design and optimization, Hosting, server configuration and management


Just be able to use a computer

Own/Have access to a PC

What Will I Learn?

You will learn this powerful object-oriented programming language so closely tied to Microsoft .NET and see why it is such a great platform for creating rich applications and how to create a functional app based on complete, standards-compliant code. You will learn the essential programming concepts including data types, variables, classes and objects, arithmetic operators, I/O, if-else statements, loops and more. Also Computing theory and mathematical principles strictly as they apply to everyday C# programming. [Don’t worry if you do not understand the jargons yet]

ASP.NET MVC is a server-side web framework for building dynamic, data-driven web applications. Since its first release in 2009, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst developers using Microsoft technologies. If you want to get employed as a web developer at a company that utilizes Microsoft technologies, you need to master ASP.NET MVC.

Expected Deliverables

v Implement CRUD operations
v Build forms with validation
v Build RESTful services using ASP.NET Web API
v Use Entity Framework code-first workflow to build a model
v Implement security, authentication and authorization using ASP.NET Identity
v Use powerful jQuery plugins
v Optimize application’s performance
v Build and deploy your applications
v etc

If you are serious about becoming a game designer, then you already know that you need the most current and complete game design training possible. To succeed in this competitive industry it is essential to have an expert knowledge of the entire game development pipeline. Whether it’s your goal to work for a major game studio, or to develop and publish your own indie games, one thing is clear, you will need to be well trained as both a programmer and an artist.
Who is the target audience?

v All skill levels
v People interested in working in the game design industy
v Please who want to create and publish their own games


General computer skills

A 3 button mouse will be useful for moving around 3D space but is not required.

You will be working with Unity3D, Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, and Photoshop

What Will I Learn?

Create advanced 2D/3D games and applications
Develope for Nintendo, XBox, PS4, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android
Have an expert understanding of the Unity game engine
Have an expert understanding of Maya, 3DS MAX and Mudbox
Have an expert understanding of digital painting in Photoshop

Recently Google announced that Kotlin will be fully supported as standard programming language for the Android platform. Analysts believe that Kotlin will replace the current Java for android in a few years.

This course is therefore for anyone who want to be a Kotlin programmer from scratch. The course covers the programming fundamentals that you need to start programming Kotlin. Teach you to install the development environment that you will use to run your first Kotlin app, and understand how program flow works in Kotlin. Also you will learn about variables and Math operation and proirites as well as logic, making decision, loops, how to work with files. Down to functions and OOP concept that you need to use when you program apps with Kotlin. Also you will learn how to work with sqlite database to add, delete and update records, also you will learn how to use Firebase for online gaming and build social media app like twitter, and Learn how to build apps with sensors like run music when light is on and Nimbuzz vibrate when phone is shake, and more

Who is the target audience?

This course is designed for anyone looking to learn how to build Android Apps with Kotlin
What Will I Learn?

Build Your First Mobile App with Kotlin
Apply to jr. Android development jobs
Build real-world Android apps like Twitter,Facebook, My Notes, media-player, Calculator, find my age, find sunrise time and Alarm
Build online games, like Pokémon, play tic tac toe online with friends.
Work with New Firebase from Google and Web services (RESTful API calls)
Work with sqlite Database and SharedPreferences.
Work with user location and maps
Design amazing layout using Style, Color,Shape, Menu and ConstraintLayout
Work with camera and other hardwares, like light sensor to run music when light on and Accelerometer sensor
How to avoid reverse engineering (Reskin) for your app
Make app support Supporting Different Screens, and different languages
Understand the programming foundation
Understand the programming logic, condition and control
Understand the OOP in Kotlin
Use collections, what is the better place to use collection

No previous programming experience is required!
You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.

This course is meant for DIY enthusiasts, Engineers, Professionals and all types of Learners. This course starts from very basics and then slowly moves towards the advanced concepts. It uses very easy and interactive language, i.e. LUA Script to do programming for Internet of Things. The tutorials primarily use ESP8266 development board.

This course contains interesting projects using various sensors and actuators like, LED module, Motion Sensor, DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor, Digital push button etc. The course contains detailed projects using various clouds like ThingSpeak and CloudMQTT etc. The course explains the concept of MQTT and IFTTT services in detail. The course explains in detail about the advanced concepts like HTTP to MQTT bridge using AWS, controlling things using voice commands etc.

Who is the target audience?

DIY enthusiasts, Engineers, Professionals, Learners, Students, and anybody who is interested in learning Internet of Things


A strong willingness to learn and interest in Internet of Things
Very basic knowledge of any programming language (Optional)
Very basic knowledge of electronics (Optional)

The fast paced acceleration of technology has resulted in futuristic concepts to become real. What used to seem like sci-fi technologies have now become the norm. The same can be seen with storage and system platforms. The bulky computers are long gone for more sleek and modern ones. However, these systems are not at all cheap, but expensive and time consuming to set up. This has given way for cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a shared platform where users can borrow storage, processing power and other services on demand, without having to physically add more systems to their current network. This drastically reduces the cost and offers better opportunities for companies, most commonly startups.

With the huge number of apps and software that are in the market, cloud computing was definitely a needed option to reduce costs and help boost technological advancement. There are three innovative companies that are often associated with Cloud Computing – Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Each company has significantly contributed to growing the cloud platform to the great heights it is currently on.

With cloud computing being the future of development, there is no one course that caters to helping you learn everything you need to know about Cloud and its many technologies – Until Now!

We have collaborated with industry experts to design the only course you would need to learn the ins and outs of Cloud Computing and many of its related technologies. From AWS to Azure to GCloud, you will master the entire cloud platform in this course.

The course covers a vast syllabus that includes Cloud Engineering Techniques, the Cloud Architecture, Providers, Application Clients, Build Tools, Design Patterns, Programming Languages and also emerging cloud technologies to keep an eye out for.


should have basic understanding of cloud computing technologies before starting the course

PC or Mac

This Amazon Web Services (AWS) training course walks you through utilizing the wide range of Cloud Computing services that Amazon provides. Cloud Computing is fast becoming the standard method of creating scalable, manageable Web Application Services, and Amazon is leading the way. This tutorial will teach you what is available in AWS, and how to use it effectively for your own needs.

You will start by learning exactly what Cloud Computing is, and why you should be using it. Rich shows you how to set up your AWS account, and gives you an overview of the services that are available to you. Throughout this video tutorial, you will cover topics such as; creating and managing EC2 instances, using the Elastic Load Balancers, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, S3, RDS and Dynamo. Rich also reviews CloudFront services, ElastiCache, VPC, SNS (Simple Notification Service), SES (Simple Email Service), SQS (Simple Queuing Service) and Route 53. You will finish off by walking through the creation of a 3 tier scalable Web Application using the AWS tools you have learned in this course.

Once you have completed this training, you will be fully capable of creating and deploying your own Web Applications using the services provided to you in AWS. You will be familiar with the most important services, and have hands on experience in deploying your own instances using the AWS interface. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Never before has it been possible to develop such rich and interactive apps… In fact, this is Apple’s biggest and most hotly anticipated release to date.

Crammed with exciting new features, with ios 10 your apps can extend to Messages, Siri, Phone, and Maps to provide more engaging functionality like never before. Now your users can view photos, watch videos and listen to audio right from inside a notification.

Why Swift? Since its introduction, Swift has rapidly taken its place as the successor of Objective-C for apps development. Its syntax is easy to read and understand. Its a modern programming language that supports closures, type inference, protocols, class extensions, and so much more. It is 2.6x times faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7!

Some of the top-rated iOS apps using Swift are LinkedIn, Strava, Yahoo Weather, Clear, Lyft, Khan Academy, Omvana and much more. iOS developers with strong knowledge in Swift command some of the highest salaries in the development world and are in high demand.

Expected deliverables

v XCode and Interface Builder
v Inputs, Buttons, and Reactive Interfaces
v Apple’s New Programming Language: Swift
v Variables, Arrays, Tables, and Loops
v Navigation, Storage, and Live Content
v Images, Maps and Music
v Accelerometers and Motion Feedback
v Core Data and JSON
v Online Storage With Parse
v Games and the Sprite Kit
v Instagram and Snapchat Clones
v App Store Submission
v Making a Marketing Website For Your App
Who is the target audience?

Anyone wanting to learn how to build apps
People wanting to make a living (or side-income) from iOS app development
Anyone who wants to learn to code
What are the requirements?

Absolutely no pre-knowledge required.
A Mac laptop or iMac (or Windows PC running OSX)
No special software require

iOS Development for Android Developers provides a through introduction to iOS app development using the wildly popular Swift programming language. The course is designed to take students with no experience in Swift BUT WITH little experience in Android to accomplish and COMPLETE mobile app developers.

Why Swift? Since its introduction, Swift has rapidly taken its place as the successor of Objective-C for apps development. Its syntax is easy to read and understand. Its a modern programming language that supports closures, type inference, protocols, class extensions, and so much more. It is 2.6x times faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python 2.7!

Some of the top-rated iOS apps using Swift are LinkedIn, Strava, Yahoo Weather, Clear, Lyft, Khan Academy, Omvana and much more. iOS developers with strong knowledge in Swift command some of the highest salaries in the development world and are in high demand.

This course takes a very structured approach of teaching Swift. Everything from “Hello World” to Protocol-Oriented Programming is covered. Students acquire skills rapidly through a deep-dive in the world of Swift and iOS development.

All the projects are done from scratch, limiting the use of shortcuts so students can understand what’s really going on under the hood of Swift applications and can design them the way they want. Then with solid knowledge and understanding already in place, rapid prototyping methods are introduced in later parts of the course through the use of CocoaPods; a dependency manager very similar to Gradle dependency manager in Android development that allows the use of external libraries, called Pods, which streamlines the process of rapid development in a professional environment.


should have a basic understanding of Java and Android SDK


Android is known to be one of the most versatile and most used operating systems. We are in the age where every other person uses a handheld device or a cell phone which makes use of Android. If one goes deep into the world of android, we would see that there is a scope and a lot of potential in the world of android for individuals who are tech geeks (like us)! As vast this world this, learning about it as simple and as easy as a piece of cake. You can make your own app easily and show your true potential to the world of google and android.

Here are some numbers to get you in the mood!


Android is the primary operating system for over 90 tablets, for 6 E-Readers and 300 smartphones.
There are over 1,460,800 apps in Google Play store &they’re growing at an astounding pace!
Every day about 1.5 million Android devices are activated all around the world.
About 60% of the apps available at the Google play store are absolutely free!

Why learn android development?

Learning android development is both fun and can reap you many profits in the long run. It is said that by the year 2018, there will be about 4 billion android users, hence doubling the current market. It is safe to say that android development has a potential and can reap you various benefits in the long run. If one knows android development, not only will you be having a stable and sound career but can unleash you hidden talents as a developer.

Course description

This course gives you stable foundation for Android Development, Android Studio and object-oriented Java Programming.

Our course is designed specifically for people who have ZERO prior experience in programming and have never even programmed a single thing before. It doesn’t matter if you have absolutely no idea about the basics (that is why we are here!), we will teach you everything that you need to know about developing and programming.

What do I learn from this course?

You can create engaging and real-world Android apps
You can learn how to work with APIs, web services and advanced databases
Upload your android apps to the Google play and reach millions of android users and
EARN MONEY by monetizing your applications and allowing advertisements to run on them!


A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer
ZERO programming knowledge required

This course assumes no previous experience and takes you from beginner concepts like variables, functions and classes and then goes into more detail while we explore advanced Java concepts. You are also going to learn Object Oriented Programming principles which will help you learn any other programming language after you have mastered Java in this course!!

There are challenging tasks for you to complete and test your knowledge which is going to bring you from a complete beginner to an experienced developer comfortable with writing any program in Java


Eclipse and Netbeans – Will be provided for you
Be able to use a PC

There is absolutely no pre-knowledge required. This is a 100% Comprehensive Web Development Course that will take you from Zero-skills to a Expert Web Developer, Step by Step with NO Step skipped.

What you will learn?

At the end of this course, you will be able to

v Use HTML5 and CSS3 to build website content and add stunning styling and decoration.
v Use Javascript, jQuery & jQuery User Interface to create Interactive Websites and Games.
v Use Twitter Bootstrap to produce Responsive Websites that will adapt to any device size.
v Create blogs and Professional Websites using WordPress.
v Use advanced skills to connect your websites to APIs like Google Maps, Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.
v Create real life mobile apps and upload them to the IOS App Store and Google Play.

Also, modern PHP development requires you to be familiar with at least one of the major PHP frameworks out there. Being a confident developer in such a framework will instantly boost your productivity! You should be able to setup customized CMS-Applications within hours. That leaves much more time for important things like getting your business logic right and optimizing the user experience! There fore you will learn Laravel: A Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel. It is immensely popular due to the huge volume of functionalities it offers whilst ensuring highest security and ease of use. With Laravel creating web applications is extremely efficient and fun.
This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Laravel and develop awesome applications.

WordPress currently holds over 30% of the market share on the web. WordPress is an absolute dominant force and it’s popularity continuously grows. One of the best things about WordPress is that it’s easily extendable. There are thousands of plugins and themes available both free and premium.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to create plugins and themes for wordpress. This course was designed for those who truly want to master WordPress inside and out. This course will help turn you into one of the most competitive WordPress developers out there. You will be able to develop custom plugins and themes no matter how hard the task is.


You should have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.
You should know how to set up a local environment.
You should know how to install WordPress and navigate around.
A text editor of your choice.
Adobe offers a suite of multimedia and creativity software that continues to be the standard for both print and digital marketing for professionals, businesses, and designers alike. Adobe’s products are used in homes and offices across the world. Adobe products make it easy to create marketing materials and creative expressions of you or your business. These tools help create eye-catching content that can be distributed across both print and digital media.

Adobe training helps the user to understand the software, and be better equipped for success. Even if you have experience with Adobe products, additional training will leave you with further tips and tricks to make your work more efficient. Adobe training at New Horizons covers all levels, from basic to advanced courses, for enhancing your print and web design skills. Whether you’re brand new to Adobe or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got it covered. Get Started Today!

Our Cybersecurity education is structured around four key pillars of policy, management, technology and digital forensics. This implies that we cover all the core needs of any organization or state institutions. While some staff like corporate lawyers may require training on policy, some staff like IT managers may need technical skills. Others like business leaders will find the management module useful.

The course presents basic and advanced concepts in cybersecurity, forensics and digital security management. Topics cover cybersecurity technology, cyber policy, digital forensics, information assurance, cyber investigation and malware analysis. Presented with mix of technology, management and policy, the following areas are covered: business continuity management, protocols, OS security, vulnerabilities, architecture, cyber services, algorithms, hardware, software, languages, cyber mechanisms, policy, physical security, malware analysis tools, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, national security and live labs.

Today’s businesses require a network platform that enables technology innovation and business-critical services across the entire network. Cisco stands alone in its ability to provide an end-to-end network platform tied together by a common infrastructure and a common operating system, and manageable as a single, cohesive entity.

Only cisco can provide the platform for campus, branch, data center, and wide-area networks that are highly available while integrating security at all levels of the network, helping to ensure the optimized delivery of application and communications, and providing inherent manageability. This platform includes:

Routing: Cisco offers the only routers that allow organizations to build a foundation for an intelligent, self-defending network, featuring best-in-class security services and routing technologies for the lowest total cost of ownership and highest return on investment.
Switching: Cisco offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of intelligent network switches, providing a continuously expanding suite of intelligent services and advanced technologies to strengthen, simplify, and extend the value of the network infrastructure.
Cisco IOS Software: Cisco IOS Software operates across routers and switches to enable an infrastructure that is highly available, secure, manageable, flexible, and scalable, and upon which businesses can quickly and confidently deploy advanced technologies.
Network Management: Cisco offers management tools and applications that ease network deployment, improve operational efficiency, increase network uptime, and reduce total cost of ownership.

The average starting salary for skilled digital marketing managers in the United States can easily go beyond $100,000 per year, and there’s never been a better time to be a digital marketer! Whether you run your own business, or you want to begin your professional career in digital marketing, this course will provide all the fundamentals of digital marketing you’d need. Through this course, you will gain not only theoretical foundations of marketing, but also practical skills you can use right away. You will learn about the key concepts of digital marketing strategy, new user acquisition, customer retention, and analytics along with step-by-step instructions to actually set up your own marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, YouTube, and other channels. I look forward to seeing you in the course!

Each section can also be taken as a stand alone course:

Marketing Fundamentals: Create a Buyer Persona & Unique Selling Proposition
Market Research: Validate Your Idea with Typeform
WordPress: Create Your Own Website in 1hr Without Technical Skills
Email Marketing: Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers in 30 days
Copywriting Training: Write Copy That Sells
SEO Checklist: Increase Search Engine Traffic in 26 Steps
YouTube Marketing: Use Simple Videos to Drive Traffic & Sales
Facebook Marketing: Get Your First 1000 Likes Without Facebook Ads
Twitter Marketing: Increase Your Twitter Followers with 10 Strategies
Quora Marketing: Become an Authority & Drive Long Term Website Traffic
Google Adwords: Create Your First Profitable Campaign Today
Google Analytics: Take a Data Driven Approach to Growth
All the strategies, tips and tools recommended are either free or very cost effective.


Who is the target audience?

Beginners who want to kickstart their learning in digital marketing
Entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to drive business success
Small-business Owners who want to bring more success to their businesses through digital marketing
Aspiring Marketers who would like to learn about digital marketing