Brilliant Inclusive Community

We are fuelled by optimism. Everyone is welcomed. Female or male, tall or short, dark or light, the clown, the super nerd, the soccer star, or the off pointer —technology can and should break down barriers and stereotypes 

Aiivon hub is a place of inclusion and anybody with a little heart and drive can do great things here.

Attah Samson Igoche, Founder

Uninterrupted Wifi

All our workspaces are fully serviced with uninterrupted high speed internet for increased productivity 

kitchenette access

All our membership plans gives full access to our well equipped kitchenette facility and complimentary coffee

Events Pass

members of our community get a free pass to all our exciting events at the hub including cocktails and game nights

Discounted Service

Members of our community pay less for everything we offer including meeting rooms, training rooms, etc.

Members Worldwide

While physical membership in our community may be limited to places where we have a hub or a partner space, digital membership in our community and support network is open to digital creatives all over the globe. You can sign up to our community by following the link below.

Engagements in the past year

In the last one year we have grown as an organization through the different projects we’ve worked on, the amazing people we’ve had in our community, the partnerships we have built and the things we can now do better

1000People Trained
184Startups Engaged

Featured Project

Co-Creative Spaces

Co-Creating for a Sustainable Future

Join our creative community and help shape the future with your works and contributions. Click the button belows to explore our spaces and membership plans.

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