Get access to funding and grants, connect real time with mentors and access various support services designed to grow your business. Apply to join our business acceleration program or develop your idea through our incubation program.
We don't just connect you to opportunities that help you increase your traction and revenue, we offer skill validation and provide you with loads of opportunities to further develop your skills and service delivery.
we have identified the need to invest in the younger generation and empower them with the right set of skills to make the most our connected world. We design programs that identify and nurture digital and creative talents in children and young adults
A Community of Digital Creatives

We are a community of digital and creative entrepreneurs located at the center of economic activities in Abuja and we are dedicated to the growth of digital entrepreneurs and improved service delivery in the FCT, through effective collaborations, skill upgrades, hackathons, mentorship etc. The hub provides a truly inspiring and high-energy environment that matches a rock-solid work ethic with loads of fun. You will find people you love working with and enjoy spending time with outside the office and you’ll enjoy creating innovative solutions with ease.

We are fuelled by optimism. Everyone is welcomed. Female or male, tall or short, dark or light, the clown, the super nerd, the soccer star, or the off pointer —technology can and should break down barriers and stereotypes — aiivon hub is a place of inclusion and anybody with a little heart and drive can do great stuff here.

N100k Per Annum
Membership benefits
Stay Connected
Through our network partnership with Legend sub urban, you don't only get high speed internet at our hub, you'll be able to use your members internet login in about 23 popular locations across Abuja.
Skill upgrade
Wether you participate in training or understudy someone who's proficient in a desired skill, you will find that your chances of becoming a more refined professional are really high at aiivon hub.
More Revenue
We have become a go to place for digital and creative services in the FCT and by joining our community you're sure to get jobs on the go as soon as we validate your skills in a digital and creative area.
Meet Friends
The hub is not just a place but a community you'll love. Being a geek isn't so odd when you're around people who think and work like you. Around here it's okay to be your weirdest and most creative self.
Network on the go
From events, to forums and trainings, we have a very busy calendar that often pulls together the most brilliant and resourceful people in the FCT and beyond. There's no better place to network.
Get More Done
Leverage on the knowledge, skills, experience and network of the people in our community to create more impact and expand your reach. There's no limit to what you can achieve with a community like Aiivon hub.
Join our vibrant community
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