June 28, 2017


Aiivon summer camp is a 10 day hands on practical training with experts from within and outside the country. The key words are Creativity, Innovation and Fun

With the constant and consistent evolution in technology, we have identified the need to invest in the younger generation and empower them with skills needed for the 21st century.

In a world totally driven by ICT, It’s never too early to harness the wide imaginations and creativity in the minds of these young ones. It is rather wise to teach them that these tools being invented each day can do much more than just streaming videos and going through people’s status on social media.

It’s our goal that beyond the class room, students would learn the practical steps to web design and web development, graphics design and photo editing, game design and animation, mobile app development etc. through our summer camp. The summer camp this year would take place in Abuja and UCLA University, California USA.

This main idea behind the summer camp is to introduce children aged 7-18 years to an in-depth knowledge to ICT and programming; to nurture and prepare the younger generation for the worldwide tech revolution in a fun, interactive and creative way. Each lesson is purely practical, interactive and comes with unique projects for kids to work on. Using familiar concepts and objects, kids learn to reproduce the applications they use every day. This summer camp is designed to help them express their creativity in new, fun ways!

Our team of experienced facilitators would be on ground to ensure that the kids have an optimal experience in the summer camp. You can avail your kids this opportunity by calling 08077452890.

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