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Abuja Creative Summit 2019

Abuja Creative Summit is a program designed to bring together all the key stakeholders of the Abuja entrepreneurial, innovation and creative ecosystem; international organizations, the government, investors, innovators and creatives.  Abuja Creative Summit is slated to take place in the 29th of March 2019 at The Exhibition Pavilion, Abuja. It will be a 1 day […]

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Aiivon Tech Clubs 2017

It can be said that ICT is a pertinent component of an educational system. Therefore, a our dynamic devilment methodology, Aiivon has identified the need to invest in the younger generation and position students for success in the word of innovation and technology, as well as providing them with real world technology experience. In order […]

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Startups, apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt SF today

by Samantha Stein (@steinsamantha) Applications are pouring in for Disrupt SF’s Startup Battlefield competition, and it’s no wonder — this year’s Startup Battlefield participants will join an illustrious alumni network of 655 companies (like Cloudflare, Dropbox, Trello) that have raised more than $6.9 billion in funding and have excited or IPO’ed more than 95 times. […]

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This 13-Year-Old Just Built a 6-Figure Business Online. What’s Your Excuse?

By John Nemo  Discover how a 13-year-old living in Fort Lauderdale turned his SEO obsession into a thriving, 6 figure business with clients across the country. Morris Laloshi is putting all those negative millennial stereotypes to shame. At the ripe old age of 20, he’s spent the past seven years running his own business – SEO […]

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By Elizabeth Rossiello Last month I shared my story on how I started BitPesa, a payments company headquartered in Kenya with operations in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, the UK, the DRC and Senegal. Fundraising is key in starting any business, and I pointed out how important the pitch is in the fundraising process. This week I want […]

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By Sam Ajadi A new guide by the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator programme helps African start-ups approach mobile operators for partnership. The guide comes after this report which explores the rationale for mobile operator–start-up partnerships and the synergies they can yield. Collaboration between start-ups and mobile operators is on the rise. In Africa, two of the […]

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Industrial Innovation and Design Exhibitions of 2017

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