aiivon summer camp

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What will your child dream up?

  • An app that changes how we communicate?
  • A website to spark a social movement?
  • A video game that connects friends?
  • A film that stands up to bullies?
  • A safe place for IDPs?
  • A software that help us better understand kids?
  • A digital solution to depression?

…Where it begins—that’s up to you

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Aiivon summer camp is a 24 day hands on practical training with experts from
around the country. The key words are Creativity, Innovation and Fun with the constant and consistent evolution in technology, we have identified the need to invest in the younger generation and empower them with skills needed for the 21 st century.

In a world totally driven by ICT, It’s never too early to harness the wide
imagination and creativity in the minds of these young ones. It is rather wise to
teach them that these tools being invented each day can do much more than just streaming videos and going through people’s status on social media.

It’s our goal that beyond the class room, students would learn the practical steps to web design and development; graphics design and photo editing; coding and
application development; and Robotics Engineering through our summer camp.

The summer camp will introduce children aged 7-18 years to an in-depth knowledge of ICT and programming. Each lesson is purely practical, interactive and comes with unique projects for kids to work on. Using familiar concepts and objects, kids learn to reproduce the applications they use every day.

This summer camp is designed to help them express their creativity in new, fun
ways!Our team of experienced facilitators would be on ground to ensure that the kids have an optimal experience throughout the duration of the summer camp.

Design class only (N25,ooo)

Duration: August 7th to 11th and August 28th to September 1st

Robotics class only (N25,000)

Duration: August 14th to 18th and August 28th to September 1st

Coding class only (25,000)

Duration: August 21st to 25th and August 28th to September 1st


Duration: August 7th to September 1st

The kids would have loads of indoor games to participate in, they would earn points each time they are outstanding.

Gaming tournaments would be held for students; these tournaments would test their IQ, and encourage problem solving in the students. The points earned can be traded in for souvenirs and healthy treats.

We have a variety of courses from which the students can choose from. These courses are designed to be pragmatic and would enable the students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our methodology for training kids comes from a blend of creativity, expressiveness and innovation. There are no limits to the ideas the students can implement. It all starts with a dream and the steps to actualize that dream.

Kids would be paired at different times to work together with different people in small or large groups. These activities would teach kids how to collaborate, listen to people’s views about a task, give their inputs and work together as a team to achieve the stated goal. This activity would build long lasting friendships and business partnerships between students with similar interests even into the future.

What better way to access students and facilitators than a healthy competition where the atmosphere is bursting with creativity, imagination and fun. At the end of the summer camp, there would be a hackathon where every student will participate in discovering problems in Nigeria and the world at large, developing ideas, transforming these ideas to practical solutions through problem solving and present a finished software product.

The bet two students would be taken on an all-expense paid tour in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America. These students would have the opportunity of meeting with tech Giants who can mentor them on their path to becoming tech gurus.

A week has been dedicated for varying activities that would engage the students actively. These activities are designed to help the kids develop 21st Century skills that will help them kick start a career in tech. Students would learn how to collaborate and think about implementing solutions to complex problems from incubation stage to fruition. Students would also learn how to pitch for grants, prepare demos and slides shows for their projects. The parents are definitely not left out in the camp experience. Parents and family members of students would be given a day to come and see how well their kids are doing. Kids get to showcase their works and discuss their experiences with their parents. The parents would also meet with the facilitators to express their approval, suggestions or concerns about the overall progress of their child.

Here’s why tech camps are so important for children:

  • Drives innovation. From self-driving cars to robot-assisted surgery to social media, computer science is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives. Coding is a fundamental skill that children need to learn so they can lead this movement.
  • Allows kids to be creative. They can create projects that do really amazing things.
  • Builds confidence. It is incredibly empowering for children to be able to create projects and show them off to family and friends.
  • Coding is best learned early. Learning to code is similar to learning a second language. The earlier those children are exposed to fundamental topics like sequencing, loops, and conditionals, the more deeply they absorb these concepts.
  • Translates to success in other areas. Learning to program supports learning in other areas, like math, reading, and science.

When children jump straight into a traditional programming language like Python or JavaScript, they get bored and discouraged. The tools and technology employed in our course curriculum strips away most of the syntax and provides exciting activities so children can learn the programming concepts they need to code in any language without all the frustration. With our courses and activities, kids have fun while they learn, so they stay engaged and continue learning and creating.

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Aiivon introduces – iD Tech Summer Camp USA, the #1 tech camp for kids ages 6-18 held at Stanford, MIT, and 150+ top U.S. campuses.

Started in Silicon Valley, iD Tech has provided the premier coding education experience to over 275,000 kids and teens in the United States. Students receive world-class instruction from top-notch staff at 135+ elite universities such as UCLA University, while working to create an impressive project and build skills that will last long after summer.

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[slz_main_title align=”text-l” title=”Partner or sponsor an event on camp” description=”Are you a tech company interested in the development of technology in Africa for a brighter future? do you offer child friendly services in Abuja and will like to sponsor an event or engage the kids during the 2017 Aiivon summer camp? contact us and we’ll be ready to listen to you.”]
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