June 28, 2017

Aiivon Tech Clubs 2017

It can be said that ICT is a pertinent component of an educational system. Therefore, a our dynamic devilment methodology, Aiivon has identified the need to invest in the younger generation and position students for success in the word of innovation and technology, as well as providing them with real world technology experience.

In order to enhance and encourage curiosity and enthusiasm for technology, Aiivon is set to introduce and pioneer Tech Clubs in primary and Secondary school respectively. The Tech Cub is designed to educate and properly train the next generation of technology leaders in Africa and the world at large.

Students will be given the opportunity to creatively express themselves in a safe environment. Tackling challenges using tech techniques and tools; students will be able develop worth-while skills such as problem solving, creativity, collaborative teamwork, take up new challenges, meeting deadlines, build and create products by themselves.

Students will be taught mobile application development, game design and animation, Robotics, cyber security, 3D modeling and printing, web design and much more.

This interactive and hands-on program is aimed at enriching the knowledge of children between ages 7-18. The program will be 80% practical and students will move from beginners’ level unto advance level.

At the end of the session, outstanding students from various schools will participate in the inter-school Tech competition and other competitions. They will also be exposed to the wider world of IT through our Tech clubs.

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