Aiivon hub talent acceleration
Applications to our talent acceleration programs will open soon

Aiivon hub runs two major talent acceleration programs to help bridge the skill gaps in reliable tech talents in Nigeria. The programs guarantee training, mentorship and support to the participants and both programs are free. However applicants need to go through a detailed screening process to get accepted into our programs. the two talent acceleration programs scheduled to lunch soon include:

The first tech fellowship program to be launched in the FCT to help groom developers for the Northern Nigerian market and through an in-depth programming training course. The fellowship is open to aspiring developers from every part of the country who shows promise and are passionate about programming and software development.
Designed to bridge the gap in female tech talents, seeks to train girls in programming for free. Participants will also be getting free laptops, testing devices based on their chosen programming language. At the end of the training, aiivon hub will continue to support the beneficiaries through it's network of sponsors and partners to help them build successful careers in software development.
Partner with aiivonhub
If you're interested in partnering or sponsoring any of our talent acceleration programs, contact us here for further information on our programs and partnership plans.