July 30, 2017

Training as an antidote to human trafficking


The trafficking of children for the purpose of domestic services, prostitution and other forms of exploitative labour is a widespread phenomenon in Nigeria. This is as a result of the fact that many young Nigerian citizens believe that greener pasture can only be found outside their immediate environment. Therefore, they are trafficked out of Nigeria every year, where they are put to work in very harsh conditions and are lured into commercial sex and dehumanized. Young boys and girls are recruited from poor families in rural areas with a promise of work or education in the city, and are then sold into domestic servitude or forced to work on farms or in factories and mines with little or no pay. These victims of trafficking often have to endure physical and psychological abuse and are under continuous threats of physical harm or deportation.

The dreams of Miss Eno; a nineteen-year-old girl was shattered when she was given out as a maid to her alleged godmother by her mother at the age 9. She was promised support in her education from Primary to Tertiary institution. Contrary to this promise, Eno was trafficked to where she was subjected to physical and mental torture. After few years of service with her alleged godmother, Eno was transferred to Mrs Ola where she was given more ill treatment. Eno never went to school for formal education nor acquired any skills. At age 17, Eno got pregnant because she was rape by Mrs Ola’s husband who denied the accusation and was then thrown out of their house. She eventually lost her baby because she had no access to proper medical care and lacked the funds to take care of herself…

The absence of formal education and lack of skill acquisition creates opportunities for people to be exploited: The belief that education is a waste of time, energy and resource present most Nigerian youth to consider a cheap way out, resulting in being exploited with the hope of a dazzling future.

Human trafficking is a crime against humanity that threatens not just individuals, but the fundamental values of our society. Therefore, we must unite our effort to combat this endemic phenomenon and secure our future. Prevention activities involve grassroots public enlightenment campaigns through community religious and social organizations to sensitize families on the dangers of trafficking and constantly raise awareness on the methodologies adopted by human traffickers. Most importantly creating a conducive environment for the development of skills acquisition.

As part of tackling the issue of human trafficking in Nigeria and giving back to the society, Aiivon Global Innovation is calling for passionate young lady with the drive to pursue a career in the wold of ICT to join our free skill acquisition program.

Koda Girl is a project targeted at girls who are less privileged or have been in one form of abuse or the other. We seek to train these girls in programming and other ICT programmes for free through partnerships with NGOs and other agencies whose major goal is to fight against human abuse and trafficking. Participants will be equipped at the end of their training with necessary skills and materials. Furthermore, Aiivon hub will continue to support the beneficiaries through its network of sponsors and partners to help them build successful careers in software development and ICT at large.

For more information, please call 08077452402. www.hub.aiivon.com

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